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Post news articles and everyone following the team will receive a mobile alert and/or email.

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Easy to read list of events with dates, times and other details along with results and scores for past events.

News Feed & Event Feed

Statwack's signature feature. A combined chronological list of News and Events for all the teams you are following. Great for users who are involved with more than one team.

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Easy to enter results after the game that also sends out notifications with an automatically created scoreboard image.

Stats / Roster

Grid of stats. Perfect for a roster of names, positions and any stats or other information you would like.

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Image Photes


Any user can share photos.

Web Links

List of links that open inside the mobile app. Useful for registration forms and detailed information already on the web.

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Calendar Sync

Each team's schedule has a public web calendar link, so you can sync it with any calendar program such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc.

Social Sharing

One tap sharing for News and Photos to Facebook, Twitter, email, text messages, etc.

Fan Club Star Image
Fan Club Star Image

Email List

Replaces your email list software. New posts are sent as emails to subscribers.

Embeddable Widgets for Websites

Embed any of the Statwack data (News, Events, Roster, Feeds, Links) on your existing website with only a few lines of code. Statwack can easily be your only schedule or news page.

Fan Club Star Image
Fan Club Star Image

Import Data

Import a schedule from an existing iCal (web calendar) link. Copy/Paste from Excel. Easy to use grids to quickly add multiple records. Available via website.


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